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Address singapore
SMS Only + 65 9056-0871
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Can make CIM 

Name: BB66
Age: 22
Stats: 37D’24’35
Height: 165 CM
Languages : Thai / English

(include room & cds)
100/OUTCALL  Additional Fees All Models

Bbbj, CIM, COB, Frenching, 69 sex style, Bath Using Tongue
Fingering, Painting, Bathing, Massage, AR = Arse/Ass Rimming
HJ (Hand job),+Fingering-Finger Fuck,+Kissing With Tongues
BBBJTCWS-Bare Back Blow Job To Completion & etc…

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abab February 7, 2019 at 1:10 am

Name: BB66 Age: 22 year
Stats: 37D’24’35 Height: 165 CM

📣 A lady with a very shy and straightforward personality. A cute girl with a pure heart.

goee February 10, 2019 at 12:38 am

The body cannot be controlled She began to get up and show BBBJ with me slowly. It’s not professional. But can feel every effort you make to make sure I have a good time

Look (6.5 / 10): Looks good. Can be an ice queen. She smiles. The mood is very bright. Good laugh.
Boobs (8.5 / 10): C cup, good shape, light brown nipples
Body (7/10): All good, not surprising.
Shower (8/10): Slider slip n BBBJ Shiok quite a lot!

HAN February 13, 2019 at 12:41 am

BJ is now apart from catbath and BJ. She also made fondle around your nostril. Raise your body up and rub your didi from behind and ass licking. A man that is very stimulating and stimulating.

Bottom: 7/10
The legs are quite round: 8/10
Sexy shower: 7/10 sop
pussy tightness: 6/10

Ouy February 16, 2019 at 1:14 am

She performed a back massage, rinse, neck and back massage, caught my baby for me. HJ stands for AR while I stand. She let me rub my forehead, girls fucking me and deep throat BBBJ on me during the shower. There are some kisses with her during the shower. Friendly and talkative. Boobs. Good size for your body. Stable enough. Perfect tits Tight pussy and wet

My Catbath – 9/10 – solid action style
BBBJ – 8/10 – BBBJ with strong control and love in the way she sucks while she looks at the mirror.
FJ – 8/10 – makes me troublesome. I have to pump her everywhere at the edge of the reverse ride on the bed in her heels, standing doggie.

Moer February 17, 2019 at 1:32 am

She was really soft while I rubbed her in a circle. She warmed up and began to unzip my pants and rub my didi back. I was steaming and caught her true stream and kissed her. We moved to the bathroom and showered together. The BBBJ, working hard, fj is natural and very good, making me proud of myself and feeling younger again. Haha.

Body: 9/10 type of body model
Skin: 8/10 smooth and fair
Catbath: 7/10 licking hard and sucking all over But not as good as others I try in your home
BBBJ: 7/10 She has good control with her BBBJ but not my favorite style.

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