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bbbj May 1, 2019 at 7:58 am

Name: J60 Age: 21 year
Stats: 35D’24’34 Height: 164 CM
📣 A Cute, Too Dirty, Pretty Too Cute Facial Feature is Attractive and Unbelievable Slender Pretty Girl The bright cute smile is super cute and super cute! Idol system with a lovely cute appearance! The fine white body smooth body like a fruit has no doubt that it is tempting to hug me instinctively ♪ girl’s childhood It is a really beautiful girl who is a top-class intensely beautiful girl who can be a top-class girl who can play a side-by-side swaying face ♪ The bright and gentle perseverance is excellent and it is a genuinely soothing character who can care for anyone who is kind to anyone And above all, it’s a very honest character and work hard for anything! With a courteous service you will surely try our best to meet your needs! It’s a great attraction, and the more a love-loving time passes, it’s fun and pleasant … I promise you such a happy time It is!

Gew May 5, 2019 at 9:23 am

A very enjoyable time with her, cut short stories below my personal .. Sincerely, I pushed you to Florida throughout the entire session. She made me feel she was a very good and polite woman She was very embarrassed when you watched that she was sexy.

Boobies: 7/10 (all beautiful shapes)
Massage: 8.5 / 10
Massage: 8/10 (I can say it’s quite good)
Fj: 7/10 (She is quite helping her. Wow, she has a good ass to have a dog style)
Service: 9/10 (top-rated, easy-to-use)

Gte May 6, 2019 at 11:09 am

My dick had to wait until next week and then only have to go up over this weekend. Her shapely body is clearly above you and it’s really erotic. She made a cowgirl. When wearing his hat, put KY on the dick. She gradually reduced the size. Myself down on my weak dick and start riding me Happy holidays!

Service: 7/10 shy and enthusiastic
Look: 7/10 Her look will grow with you while the session continues.
Body: 8/10 Her body is like normal. With a little belly
France: 8/10 We kiss like a couple who just came together. Can do a lot of tongue

Baot May 8, 2019 at 9:04 am

Greeted me at the door of her room. The session started off right. She also made Nuru slide on the front and back of me. I cleaned out, we headed to our room, she told me to lie on my stomach on the bed, she went to do some rimming a few minutes, and then some more BBBJ amazing.

bbbj: 7/10 suck more
AR: 8/10 I like gentle lick.
BJ: 7/10 is still one of the best, a good flow between the soft and aggressive rotation of the head and neck deep.
Frenching: 7/10 contains one seesion with her forever.

Bew May 9, 2019 at 12:13 pm

Started FJ with her riding my vibrating cock She is quite wet and tight, jerking with confidence each time. Changed to become a missionary, which she seemed to be the most fun Changed into a dog lover as a missionary until I couldn’t shoot and put my ammunition

Body: 9/10 (her face is quite tall and has a very good shape)
Massage: 8/10 (professional, stable and strong, versatile and fun, not too long)
B2B: 8/10 (Excellent use of Boobs and hands at the same time)
BBBJ: 8/10 (may take longer to do everything enough)

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