Address singapore
Phone + 65 9056-0871
Mailing newbbbj@gmail.com


service incall & outcall

service incall & outcall

incall, Price Including rooms and condoms, all girls if don't like, can change before the service starts. the initial service cannot change or refund. can pay by credit card and cash, and Pay before the service starts, Outcall, There is a $ 50 cancellation fee for all departures

Can make CIM
Promotions Saturday - Sunday Name starts B, Discount $10, Name starts J, BB, X, XX, Discount $20

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bbbj July 5, 2019 at 8:58 pm

Name: X-AH Age: 23 year
Stats: 35D’25’36 Height: 165 CM
📣 A cute look with a constant smile always, well-balanced, well-dressed nice nice buddy! Please be sure to look at the healthy attitude with a gentle and gentle character and always keep in mind a love love service for a long time ~ ♪ Beautiful long legs are a must yo ~

Nore July 9, 2019 at 10:17 am

She is very kind and polite. She is beautiful. She has good boobs that look very natural. Reverse cowgirl. I’m trying to sleep. But she was riding me fast and showing her cute butt for me to see that my sticks penetrated her pussy quite provocatively Everything looks like a product and it’s a very good experience for me ..

Very fast body: 7/10 B-Cup at the highest .. Rejuvenating skin and smooth, fat little balls.
English: 8/10 is quite good. She is so talkative like the others who spoke earlier.
Attitude: 7/10 is passionate. The overall attitude is still good.
Service: 8/10 is quite a shy fan. BBBJ is on the soft side. And she uses the technique

Veiwa July 10, 2019 at 10:01 am

Get a large proportion She is fair and has good skin. This girl is hot The smiling face, then BJ and sex, happened. After a while, she will make it happen again patiently. Do everything on the bed. Really good. Suck hard. No teeth feeling. She stopped saying not to enter the mouth, even though many ha ha ha.

Body – 7/10. She is clear because her skin color is white.
GFE – 8/10 She can speak English well.
Catbath – 7/10 Complete
BBBJ – 8/10 asked her to show in the shower and she knelt down immediately.

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